Coming this year, Petty Rogue

We are working a lot on this game and have high hopes to release it this year.

Petty Rogue

Petty Rogue is an engaging turn-based roguelike game that requires deep strategic thinking. We have skillfully crafted this simple yet captivating pixelated game to seamlessly function on both PC and mobile platforms.

In this thrilling game, you lead a team of four unique characters, each possessing random abilities that come into play during battles. As you progress, these abilities can be enhanced through leveling and the acquisition of powerful items. Brace yourself for an escalating challenge, as after a set number of rounds, a formidable boss enters the fray, relentlessly pursuing your characters. The intensity amplifies with each turn, as the boss continuously spawns.

Welcome to the madness of the end game!

Venturing deeper into the procedural map, you'll encounter increasingly powerful enemies, but fear not, for greater risks bring better rewards. Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey filled with strategic decision-making, unpredictable encounters, and a constantly evolving experience!


Founder and game developer